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Grand Rock Stacks - Diesel Pickup Truck Stacks

and Stack Exhaust Systems Dodge, Ford, GMC DMAX

> Reduce EGT's Exhaust Gas Temperatures
> Improve Fuel Mileage
> Increase Engine Longevity
> Chrome Stacks - Big Rig Look Big Rig Sound!
> Ready to Roll Some Coal!


South Bend Clutch - Heavy Duty Clutch Assemblies

and Clutch Kits Single Clutch, Dual Disc, Tow and Rig

> Prevent Clutch Slippage
> Smooth and Fast Transfer of Power
> Strength to Handle Towing Large Loads
> Holding Power to Handle Performance Upgrades


Injectors - Performance Fuel Injectors and

tock Replacement Diesel Injectors

> Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Injectors
> Dodge Ram Cummins Injectors
> GMC Duramax Fuel Injectors
> Increase Horsepower and Torque
> Increased Fuel Milage and Performance
> UDP, Industrial Injection, Dipaco Dtech 


Chips Tuners & Programmers

> Increase Fuel Economy
> Large Horsepower Gains
> More Power When You Want It
> Race / Off Road Race Tuning 


Air Intakes - AFE Magnum Force Cold Air Intakes, 

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Intake Systems

> Maximize Air Flow
> Protect Your Engine
> Increase Fuel Economy
> Get More Power From Chips and Tuners


Turbos and Turbochargers - Garrett Turbos, BD Diesel 

DPS Diesel Power Source Turbos

> Increase Economy
> Drastic Horsepower Increases
> Compound Turbo Kits For Ultimate Performance
> Upgrade Your Stock Turbo for More Performance