Ford 7.3 Injectors


          Better than your normal stock Injector                30%Maximum Towing Efficiency        Hybrtds for the best performance & Economy              

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 These 7.3 injectors are performance matched sets. 
 Hydra Chips-Hold up to 15 custom tunes with USB connection .
  • Remanufactured with new parts, flow bench tested for unified flow. All O-Rings, Pintels, Plunger and Barrels etc. are replaced with new parts. Remanufactured AA & AD Injectors built by Unlimited Diesel Performance have been stripped and cleaned. Fuel Injectors include both the Injector and the Seal Kit (already installed). The fuel flow on all of our injectors is rigorously tested prior to our factory certification.
  • Stock Special = Includes A 15% Ford 7.3L Stock Injector Upgrade. Get an extra 20CCs of capacity on all stock injectors, No Charge. Get Enhanced Stock Injectors for Optimal Performance. These UDP Remanufactured stock Injectors flow 150ccs 20cc's over the standard stock 130-135cc injector at the stock price! Standard Stock AD Injectors are 130-135cc, these flow 15% more - a nice Enhanced Stock Injector set for Optimal Performance in your 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke Superduty! Get Stage 1 for all pre 99 Fords.
  • Towing - Dynamite 30% High Output Towing Injectors will sink you in your seat. Calibrated right on the efficiency curve for performace and economy.
  • Limited Life Time Warranty, Your Injectors are covered under warranty, for as long as you own your truck. Send in, repair and return all damaged injectors, if covered under warranty, at no charge.
  • Great Reliable Customer Service.
Unlimited  High Performance Diesel Re Manufactured Injectors- Choose from Enhanced Stock , Stage 1 Performance , Stage 2 Performance , Conversion Single Shot , Performance  Injectors with 30% nozzles, 80% nozzles, 100% nozzles (chip required with all Hybred Injectors)!   (Custom High Performance  Builds)
Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to only to the 7.3 Powerstroke injectors in your truck.
Warranty Form-Click Here
Fuel Injector Repair/Warranty Request Form-  (pdf download)
Warranty inspection is required, therefore you must return the suspected part before warranty work can begin. If warranty applies, your core will be fully repaired tested and returned. 
We do not have an "exchange in advance program" as part of our warranty policy. We do not send free injectors in advance. 
Returns- only non-installed 7.3 injectors will be accepted and a 25% restocking fee + shipping will be applied.

 Core returns void in- 4 Weeks or call us.

*Check out our reviews and you will find that our craftsmanship, service and reliability along with our Limited Lifetime Warranty
is hard to beat. We have very few issues with our 7.3 injectors. You may find us available even after hours and on weekends. The guys in the shop really do  fantastic work. Our 7.3 injectors are very meticulous and efficiently built. We have some of the best 7.3 injectors on the market.
If your truck is between 99-2003 our hybrid offer a real boost in efficiency and quick power. A Hydra chip is mandatory when using these hybrids.
The only draw back is that you will get a little more noise from the pre 99 AA Single Shot injectors and you are adding a chip into the chain. Other than that,These Hybrids Will add a Terrific improvement to your truck"s performance. Large SplitShot injectors get beat out every time. In fact
your HPOP can almost be failing and still run those Hybrids.
 Ford 7.3 PowerStroke Injectors 1994.5, 1996, 19971999, 200, 2001, 2002, 2003