Grand Rock Dual Stack for 5" EXHAUST, Universal Y-Pipe ONLY for 5"- 8" Stacks with 5" OD base

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Grand Rock Dual Stack for 5" EXHAUST, Universal Y-Pipe ONLY for 5"- 8" Stacks with 5" OD base

NOTE: Questions, Call 715-254-2307

Grand Rock Stack Installation 

Dual Y-Pipe Installation for 5" Stacks with 5" OD base. Connects To Your 5"  Exhaust System - (DPU-5YA-5I) , (5" Y PIPE FROM THE DPU-5SK-5I Kit)

Has 5" Inlet


Mandrel-Bent Aluminized steel exhaust pipes for 5" Exhaust below & 5" above bed. 5"-8" Stacks with 5" base fit into the outlet, creating a smooth exhaust flow! For Your 5" EXHAUST

Hooks up to your stock exhaust system just before the muffler. Removes stock exhaust restrictions, improve your truck's power and performance, increases fuel mileage / economy, reduces exhaust gas temperatures (lower EGTs) which increases the longevity of your diesel pickup truck engine. Universal Bed Kit for Ford, Chevy & Dodge Diesel Pickup Trucks.

Powerflow Performance Exhaust System Made in America by Grand Rock!

BENEFITS: *Improve Fuel Mileage *Reduce Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs)

*Increase engine longevity *Big Rig Looks *Big Rig Sound

When used with 36" long stacks the stack tips will reach about 2" above top of cab.

The 5" inlet/5" outlet y-Pipe is mounted in the bed, and only one hole needs to be cut in the bed of the truck.. Exhaust pipes are made of tough, Commercial Grade Aluminized Steel.  Zinc-Coated for greater durability.

Complete Cat Back Stack Exhaust Kit includes everything you need to do the stack installation!


  • Y-Pype Only
  • Stacks sold separately.
Warranty Information: Chrome-plated (except weld area) and aluminized parts used on heavy duty truck exhaust systems are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. Call if you have questions on proper installation techniques. Grand Rock and Black Cloud Diesel cannot be held liable for damage done as a result of improper installation. If a part is determined to be defective, Grand Rock and Black Cloud Diesel reserve the right to replate only and return the part when the part has been modified, altered, or otherwise damaged. Neglect is not Warranted! Keep the parts clean & waxed!

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