Ford Exhaust 4" Turbo-Back Aluminized Steel With Muffler Grand Rock Powerflow Exhaust 7.3L Ford 94-97

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Ford Exhaust 4" Turbo-Back Aluminized Steel With Muffler Grand Rock Powerflow Exhaust 7.3L Ford 94-97

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4" Turbo-Back Aluminized Steel Exhaust System With Straight-Thru Muffler 

Grand Rock Powerflow Performance Exhaust Systems

1994.5-1997 7.3L Ford Diesel Trucks 

All GRAND ROCK kits are made of corrosion-resistant 16-ga. US-made aluminized steel mandrel-bent tubing. Our single under vehicle stock-exit kits include a 304SS exhaust tip, and heavy-duty welded rod hangers and high-quality clamps. Downpipe expands to 4 inch at the outlet, as soon as room is available to fit 4 inch diameter piping.

• Kits fit all wheelbases
• Systems come complete in one box 
• Polished 304 Stainless Slash-Cut Tip included with systems
• Hangers are heavier 1/2” diameter and utilize all OE locations
• Pyrometer fitting in turbo pipe
• 5" system is 4" to muffler, 5" after
• Bolt-On a reduction in Exhaust Temperature
• Larger pipe diameters than OE
• Straight-Thru, unrestricted muffler

WHY replace a perfectly good stock exhaust system on your diesel truck?
Cardinal rule #1: Diesels HATE backpressure! Diesel pickup owners who have researched performance upgrades to their trucks' exhaust know several things are true.

1.  Exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) will drop when a better flowing exhaust system is installed - this is a good thing especially when towing.

2.  A larger diameter down-pipe a/k/a Turbo Pipe will allow for greater flow volume, as will a straight-through low-backpressure muffler, & the rest of the pipes in the system as well.

3.  Better flow = more Horsepower, Torque, & FUEL MILEAGE!

NOTE: It is illegal to remove catalytic converters on vehicles so equipped. Consult a professional to determine options.

Great Sound and Performance at a Great Price!

Made In America!

12 month 12,000 mile warranty

The aluminized steel systems are protected by an exclusive Three Year Warranty Policy, to the original purchaser.