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Best Ford 7.3 Towing Injector Sets

Our Towing Injectors Are High Output, Advanced by 30% (or 40 CCs)


Choose your injector set based on the Year of your truck. It's either (1994.5 to 1997) or (1999 to 2003). If you want a Hydra Chip, you will need to provide the truck build date and tell us (Automatic or Manual).

A Hydra Chip will do the following:
>> Unlock world-class performance tuning

>> Offers a chance at better fuel economy

>> Makes Your Truck Feel Quicker 

>> Gives Your Truck Solid Towing Power

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Boost your Ford 7.3 Diesel with our upgraded Premium Injector Sets

When you demand the best performance, these Premium injectors deliver!

Precision-Matched Flow Tests
Synchronized Spray Patterns
Optimized Oil Flow Adjustments

Upgrade to the Premium Injector Set for a superior engine performance. 

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1994.5 to 1997 Ford Diesel

* Stage 1.5 175cc 30% Nozzels AA Tow Injectors 1994.5-1997 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

Price $1,764.00

1999 to 2003 Ford Diesel

*High Output 150cc 30% Nozzles SPLIT Shot AD Performance Towing Inj. Set 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Superduty

Price $1,764.00

1999 to 2003 Diesel
with Chip

*Stage 1.5 175cc 30% Nozzels AA Tow Injectors (Requires Chip) 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

Price $2223.95

When replacing 7.3 injectors, what other parts should I replace?

     - Injector cups If Needed

     - Glow Plugs

     - Vale Cover Harnesses & Gaskets

     - New Filters

     - Oil Change W/ RevX Oil Treatment


Should I buy Injectors with the chip?

For over all tuning of your our engine and transmission which can result in better engine  & fuel efficiency, as well as  fine tuning of the firmness of your shift and shift points. It's a great way to have increased power, for those who tow under 10K lbs. once in a while and need a little more pull.


Do you sell a complete injector upgrade kit, with all the required parts?

Yes, click this ALL INCLUSIVE Order Link to include parts when replacing your injectors.  Buy the 7.3 Towing Injector Set "Kit":

94.5 to 97 Towing Injector Kit

99 to 03 Towing Injector Kit
99 to 03 Towing Injector Kit with Hydra Chip



Once I place the order, how long does it take to recieve the injector set?

Injector Sets are built and shipped with in 5 to 7 days.

I have other Injector buying questions, can you help?

Here is our link to read our FAQ About Injectors  or call and ask for Gary at 715-230-4100.