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Use this catalog to design your own custom stack exhaust with Grand Rock exhaust pipes and parts. Find the parts you want, make parts list including part name and part number, then check the Discount Price List for pricing.

Email the list for quote, or call 715-USA-1944 (800-872-1944). Complete Catalog includes Custom Stack Parts + All Class 8 (Semi) Commercial Exhaust Configurations.

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 Catalog by parts: Universal Replacement Parts
● Stacks
● Dump Stacks
● Connectors and Reducers
      ○ Tilt Cab Connectors
      ○ Diverters and HB Connectors
      ○ Straight Tubing
      ○ Repair Sections
      ○ Connectors
      ○ Reducers
      ○ Turbo Manifold Adapters
● Elbows
● Y-Pipes
● Rain Caps
● Clamps and Brackets
      ○ Clamps
      ○ V-Band Clamps
      ○ Brackets
● Mufflers and Converters
      ○ Mufflers/Resonators
      ○ Converters
      ○ Chrome Mufflers/Muffler Eliminators
      ○ Universal Mufflers
      ○ High Flow (HF) Mufflers
      ○ Stack Inserts
      ○ Mounting Brackets
      ○ Heat Shields
● Air Intake
● Emissions Solutions
      ○ Heat Wrap
      ○ Replacement Bellows
● Flex Hose