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Grand Rock Stacks    Diesel Pickup Truck Stacks
Dodge, Ford, GMC Duramax Stack Systems

> Triple Plated Chrome Stacks
> Big Rig Look With Grand Rock Stacks - Big Rig Sound! 
> Stacks Improve Exhaust Flow
> Stacks Lower EGT's -Exhaust Gas Temperatures
> Stacks help improve Better Fuel  Economy
> Stacks Increased Engine Longevity with lower EGTs.

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South Bend Clutch     
Heavy Duty Diesel Clutch Kits - Free Shipping
Dodge, Ford, GMC -Single Disc Clutches, Street Dual Disc Clutches, Competition Clutches Double and Triple Disc Clutches

> Heavy Duty Clutch Assemblies
> Prevent Clutch Slippage
> Smooth and Fast Transfer of Power
> Strength to Handle Towing Large Loads
> Holding Power to Handle Performance Upgrades


 UDP Diesel Performance Injectors
Stock and Performance 7.3 Injectors

> Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Injectors
> Ram Dodge Cummins Injectors
> GMC Chevy Duramax Fuel Injectors
> Increased Horsepower and Torque
> Increased Fuel Milage and Performance
> UDP, Industrial Injection, Motorcraft 


Chips Tuners Programmers
Digital Gauge Display Monitors

> Increase Fuel Economy
> Large Horsepower Gains
> More Power When You Want It
> In Cab Controllers
> Edge Products CTS2 
> Smarty MADS Tuners
> Superchips Flashpaq Tuners and More!





Cold Air Intakes

AFE Air Intake Systems, Stage 1, 
Stage 2, Air Filters Ford 7.3
> Maximize Air Flow
> Protect Your Engine
> Increase Fuel Economy
> Increased Air Flow Means You Get More Power

   with your Chips and Tuners

Turbos Turbochargers

DB Diesel, Garrett 7.3 Turbos, Diesel Power Source

> Faster spool up, low end power
> High pressure turbo performance for towing
> Increase Economy and Performance
> Drastic Horsepower Increases
> High end power for competition
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Diesel Truck Parts and Truck Performance Products for Ford 7.3 Power Stroke injectors, Ram/Dodge Cummins and GMC Duramax Chevy Diesel Pickup Trucks. Looking for quality diesel truck parts? Better fuel economy? You have come to the right place!

Black Cloud Diesel Performance is a quality company committed to providing excellent customer service, while offering you the highest quality diesel performance parts, aftermarket truck parts and performance upgrades.

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Black Cloud Diesel is on Lake Emily in Amherst Jct, WI.  Here's a clip of a truck having some fun on frozen Lake Emily, we saw the truck out there on the lake having some fun when we were having a frozen pizza lunch break.  This is the view from BlackCloudDiesel Jan. 28, 2016!  Deidre took the videos on her phone!



Kodiack with smoke stacks is a great look

Watch the progression as this 2006 Kodiak C4500 comes back to Life


Monroe conversion




So I am completely tearing into this truck to basically redo or rebuild the truck from tHe ground up. Some aftermarket accessories were installed by a subpar installer. The reverse lights were wired up on a toggle switch (I don’t know why). Wires in a complete nest under the dash and under the hood. Rust has completely taken over the chassis. Rust and oxidation on the majority of the suspension components and even some electrical. All of the shocks and air suspension are shot and oxidized very badly. There’s even some missing bolts on some of the suspension upon further inspection. So I will be completely stripping and coating the chassis and suspension components with Chassis Saver and replacing all of the bushings, hardware, and air suspension components. All of the cab air and shocks. Adding a 2” lift up front from Deaver Springs and installing King OffRoad shocks all the way around (offered by Direct Offroad). I will also be updating the interior with leather throughout and installing a killer kicker system. Then I will do some body work. Shave some things smooth. Repaint black. Add some accent LEDs. Redo the exhaust with a Grand Rock exhaust from Black Cloud Diesel. Add some performance upgrades. And I think that’s it. I think.












Watch This Project Come Together. 2/06/19





Ok so it took about 3 hours but I finally have the downpipe cut and fit just the way I like it. There was a lot of on and off again and cutting for sure. (Thank you MBRP for the LBZ 6.6L duramax downpipe to make my own with). So I first cut and rotated the two pieces before I tacked them in place. Then I put a pie cut in it because the angle of the V-band flange was off. I also put the piece that I cut off of the top 90 in the middle to bring the pipe back closer to the

mounting tab. In doing so I also had to trim an inch off of the bottom section of the pipe.  Now to finish the rest of the exhaust






The Jones Turbine is just what the exhaust needed.


  Jones Turbine Muffler link



The exhaust is almost done. One more little section to cut, fit, and tack in place. Then I can cut off the old exhaust hangers and reweld them in place. Then I will be stuck with the task of trying to figure out how to snake the exhaust into the cat and muffler and then weld them together.

Since I didn’t lack much, I finished up routing the exhaust. I ordered a Jones Turbine muffler 4040XL to immulate the look of a cat while hopefully taking out the cab drone the straight pipe exhaust will give. Plus it will be directly under the front seats so in theory it should work. I still need to weld the shell to the “new high-faux” muffler on, in case anyone wants to get nosey underneath. I also have the front three pieces fully welded. I’ll clean up the welds for a more seamless look before I send everything off for ceramic coating and then DEI exhaust wrap the down pipe. But before I finish up the rear, I’ll put the cab on and bolted down so I can make sure the back half of the exhaust length is right and the stacks don’t hit the top of the cab.




At the current time (3/16/19) I’m replacing all of the fuel lines, coolant lines, and vacuum lines as well as all of the injectors.  I’m also going to thoroughly clean all metal lines inside and out off of the engine. 


Hey buddy. Just wanted to give you an update. I’m still working on the engine. The heads are at the machine shop. I’m cleaning the carbon off of the pistons and going to be getting the engine ready for some gloss black engine paint as well as some high temp silver in other areas as well. I will send you some finished engine pictures in a couple of weeks hopefully. Talk to you later. 











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Hey buddy. Just wanted to give you an update. I’m still working on the engine. The heads are at the machine shop. I’m cleaning the carbon off of the pistons and going to be getting the engine ready for some gloss black engine paint as well as some high temp silver in other areas as well. I will send you some finished engine pictures in a couple of weeks hopefully. Talk to you later.