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Black Cloud Diesel Injector Customer Reviews

We have been helping diesel truck owners since the 1980's.  We have a 4.8 Star Rating on over 200 reviews at Trust Poliot.

Great customer service! I got the 7.3 injectors high output 30% no programming needed. I have noticed a considerable difference in performance and towing especially. I will say it has appeared to destroy my gas mileage but I am in the process of getting an average after a few tanks. Overall very satisfied. Thanks guys.

Outstanding customer service. Even called me back at 10:00PM when I asked. I work nights so I'm asleep during the normal business hrs. Can't ask for a better company to purchase from. Product was as advertised and arrived quickly in perfect condition, due to meticulous packaging. Can't say enough good about the company. We will see how it goes with my core return. Fingers crossed there are no unforeseen hangups in that department.

The clutch kit I ordered was exactly what I expected. It arrived earlier than promised. Close to 500 miles on truck since installation and all is good so far.
Customer service was great. Every time I called, which was at least three or four times to ask questions a real person answered the phone and answered all my questions.

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    high output ad 30

    Posted by raymond chambers on 14th Dec 2020


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    30 percent over injectors

    Posted by Stephen Criswell on 15th Jul 2020

    Fast shipping easy to deal with

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    Posted by Brett Fowkes on 20th Apr 2020

    I just drove my truck home. Its an incredibly noticeable difference ! I have a lot of trick mods. This just finished it off.
    Thank you.

    I do need help with the wareeenty as I did not collect the solenoid number before delivering to the installer. Power stroke Performance. I think you will be seeing more orders from him. he was also impressed with the set up I have.

    Please let me k now by email the instructions for returning the cores and getting the warranty registered.

    Thank you again. I have my truck back!

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    Posted by Rob Ledsinger on 19th Jun 2019

    Spoke with Gary on the phone. A great guy with a ton of knowledge. I’m glad I went with the 30% injectors as per his recommendation. They match my turbo and exhaust upgrades. My truck has never ran better. Idle is smoother then ever and acceleration on the freeway is awesome. I only have 100 miles since install so I haven’t yet given it full throttle, I know she will blow the tires off from a start. Thanks again Gary. I’m going to be calling about the upgrade HPOP in the future

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    30% works great!

    Posted by Scott on 5th Mar 2018

    Bought these for my mildly built rig running a Banks tune and what a difference.....only been driving it for a day.....going to tow in 2 weeks but so far i think these injectors are great! Thanks UDP!

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    Better than expected

    Posted by Gary Lind on 23rd Dec 2014

    Installed on a 2001 SD with Garrett GTP38R, 4" SS Exhaust and Juice/Attitude controller. Gained close to 50 HP at stock setting, noticeable difference at low RPM, less throttle input of the line to normal speed, no smoke except at higher settings. EGT's had minimal increase, boost pressures gained approximately 2-3 PSI across all 6 positions. Kept stock 196K Mile HPOP but going to upgrade to a Honey Badger Jr just to be safe. Wanted to keep split shot features with additional performance for everyday driving. Same price as Unlimited Diesel without the up front core charge with XLNT customer service. Highly recommended!

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    great injectors

    Posted by Mike on 3rd Nov 2014

    I installed a full set of these injectors with ease. Worked as promised with power gains as promised. I would recommend them to anyone.

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    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2014

    Very happy with the quick shipping and very pleased with the outcome thos is my first diesel truck so first time tareing one down im a do it myself person the instructions were very helpful that xame with this product i had a little trouble at first my engine hydro locked but orher than that all is well very pleased

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    Stock replacement injectors

    Posted by Robert on 10th Mar 2021

    Fast shipping friendly service willing to answer any and all questions.

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    UDP Injectors

    Posted by Jason on 23rd Dec 2020

    Fantastic service, excellent quality. Extremely recommended, as a small company they really take the time to educate and make sure you are getting the best product for your individual needs.

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    I can tell the difference immediately

    Posted by Daniel Bolen on 19th Jul 2019

    My pickup started burning oil very quickly. A little diagnostic work determined a need for new injector o-rings. At 215,000 miles, I figured might as well replace the whole injector set. After a little research, I came to the conclusion these were the best option for what I wanted. They arrived on Wednesday, and I spent the day on Thursday installing them. I took it out for a spin after letting it run a bit to purge the air out of the system, and there is a definite increase in power over my old injectors. I am very pleased. They have only been in less than day, but I'm happy. By the way, four o-rings on the old injectors were shredded.

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    Excellent product

    Posted by Nick richards on 11th Sep 2018

    Was very impressed with quality and the customer service was amazing and more than happy to help will do business with them again

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    Awesome Produce

    Posted by Tim on 4th Nov 2016

    I purchased the 15% enhanced injectors for my 7.3L Powerstroke. I'm extremely satisfied with these injectors. Great product. Fuel milage has increased by 5 mpg since installation.

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    So far, so good!!!

    Posted by Doug McCann on 19th Dec 2014

    I would like to start by saying Gary was wonderful to deal with on a number of levels. He was always professional, knowledgeable and patient to a fault.
    I called him several times for instruction or clarification on the injector install procedure and he was always very accommodating.
    His (Gary's) demeanor and attitude combined with a fantastic product warranty are what won me over to do business with Black Cloud Diesel.
    Order processing, shipping and delivery was super fast and the product arrived well packaged and intact. Overall I am really pleased with my purchase.
    I did not give this product a star rating at this time simply because I only have less than 200 miles on the injectors since installing them. But I will say this; I can't remember when my truck has run so well! Cold starts are much enhaced (also installed new glow plugs, gaskets and wiring) throttle response is crisp and predictable. And an unexpected bonus is ambient in-cab noise levels are WAY down! There is still the pleasant mechanical sound of the motor, exhaust and turbo whistle but, no more overly loud injector clack-and-rattle like before! I can now carry on a conversation without yelling.
    With what I know of and what I've experienced with Black Cloud Diesel so far, I would not hesitate a moment to do business with them again or recommend them to anyone else in need of their products!
    Thank you to Gary and his suppliers for an extremely gratifying experience!
    The website is making me give a star rating in order to post my review. I will give 5 stars as my level of satisfaction SO FAR is very positive. Future product performance will determine my continued satisfaction or lack thereof. My intent here is to be as fair as possible with the time spent utilizing this product.

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    Great product, great service!

    Posted by Mark Matthews on 14th Dec 2014

    Got my reman injectors quickly after my order. Gary was a lot of help with making my decision to buy the enhanced remans. I followed the Black Cloud instructions closely and also installed a new set of glow plugs. I don't remember my power stroke ever running so good! All the power it ever had! I will certainly go to Black Cloud again!

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    my hot rod makes more power than it ever has

    Posted by Randy on 8th Jun 2014

    Gary was a great help the injectors weren't bad to install with the instructions on the site. I've only driven about sixty miles and still a little loud but it's pulling hard.and making excellent power.

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    Really great product for a great price

    Posted by Gary Franks on 17th Jan 2014

    Great customer service, injectors shipped the same day I ordered them. My truck is running top notch, this is a good set of injectors. I'd buy them again, no second thoughts. thanks for your assistance, knowledgable people at Black Cloud Diesel!