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GAUGES Insight Monitor CS2/CTS2


Edge Insight Monitor CS2/CTS2 &

Edge EAS Accessory System

Insight Digital Gauge Display Monitor

EAS Edge Accessory System and Components

Adding the Edge Insight Gauge monitor displays to your truck allows you to keep track of vitally important information from your OBDII Port. Additional Information such as Exhaust Gas Temperatures, Pressure and Temperature and more can be easily monitored by adding additional sensor inputs and other options.

The Edge EAS Accessory System allows you to connect multiple accessories to the Edge Insight CTS2 or CS2. The ability to put multiple accessories together into one monitor unit allows you to display any of dozens of parameters at the push of a button.

Accessories are available in kits or as single unit moditoring displays from Edge that track all of the information traditional analog gauges do, but on a single digital screen, while giving you access to even more vital stats on your truck's performance.