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Buy the Best Ford 7.3l Injectors For You and  Your Diesel Truck !

Black Cloud Diesel delivers 100% Customer Satisfaction because
every 7.3L Injector Set we sell is Flow Tested  for matching contribution & optimal spray patterns and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You get the longest, smoothest performance, and have the "peace of mind" you deserve while driving your diesel truck!

All Injector Sets Can Be Upgraded to Premium Injectors

Ford 7.3 Stock Injectors


Cost Range: $1,344 to $1,939

Your Benefits, Reasons for these Injectors
 - Lowest Cost
 - Simple Installation
 - You Tow Less  than 8,000 lbs
 - Your truck has all original parts
 - You want less stress on your engine


** Free Upgrade: These are Enhanced Stock, as these injectors are 20cc's over your standard OEM injectors.


Ford 7.3 Towing Injectors

Cost Range: ​ $1,764 to $2,224

Your Benefits, Reasons for these Injectors
 - You haul up to 35,000 lbs
 - You Tow More  than 8,000 lbs
 - You want more power from your truck
 - You have a Stage 1 Turbo


Towing Injector Video - Which one is best for you?

Ford 7.3 Performance Injectors


Cost Range: $1,975 to $2,732


Your Benefits, Reasons for these Injectors
 - You want Best Economy & Efficiency
 - Highest output of power and speed

 - Requires a Hydra Chip programed for your needs

 - You want the best Diesel (out of all your friends)


** Do you want Custom Injectors? We can customize most any size injectors and make sure they are programed to meet your needs. Please call Gary to place an order at 715-230-4083.


At Black Cloud Diesel, we strive to provide the BEST customer experience. 

- We have over 200,  read our 5-Star Reivews: /black-cloud-diesel-reviews/

- Our injectors are top quality and made in the USA.

- We answer the phone and help our customes as best we can.


What kind of injectors are your selling?

Our injector sets are remanufactured with new parts and flow bench tested for unified flow. All O-Rings, Pintels, Plunger and Barrels are replaced with new parts. Remanufactured AA & AD Injectors are built by Unlimited Diesel Performance have been stripped and cleaned. Fuel Injectors include both the Injector and the Seal Kit (already installed ). The fuel flow on all of our injectors is rigorously tested prior to our factory certification.


Our Limited Lifetime Warranty details:

1) Your Injector Set is covered for as long as you own your truck. 

2) Ship us your failed injector & we will repair and return it in about 7 days, at no charge. Please use this form RMA Injector Repair Request                                                                                                                                         

3) To enable your Limited Lifetime Warranty, please complete the sign up page at this link: Warranty Injector Registration     


Our Injector Core Return Policy details:

1) Please return your existing injector cores within 4 weeks of recieving your new set.

2) Your return call tag will be located inside the packing slip pouch (attached to the outside of the shipping box). 

3) The Injector Core deposit fee is $250.00. This is returned after receiving your existing cores.


What is your Injector Core Return Policy?


Each injector set we sale contains 8 separate fuel injectors, which you paid a core deposit fee.

This fee will be returned to you after your old injectors pass inspection. For your injector cores to pass inspection, they must meet all of the following items:


1. injectors do not have any external damage and are rebuildable.

2. injectors must be in good physical condition, contain no rust, and have not been burned.

3. injectors must never used alternative or "Bio” fuels.

4. injectors have never been disassembled or missing any parts.

5. injectors can not be mis-matched cores. The set of 8 must ALL be the same injector core.


Please be sure to return cores in good packaging so they do not get damaged in shipping


Click this link to see our FAQ about Injectors.


If you are looking for the best deal on Ford 7.3 performance injectors, 7.3l powerstroke injectors, or best 7.3 IDI injectors for MPG or towing, click the shop injector buttons above or call us. We are happy to talk with you about your buying questions or comparing our  7.3 powerstroke injectors compared to ones from Riff Raff, Full Force, Baby Swamp, or Rosewood Injectors. Our goal is customer service and help you get the best injectors is our job.