5.9L Cummins '04.5-'07

Dodge Cummins Injectors-- Best Injectors for Dodge Cummins Diesel Engines!

Dodge 5.9L Cummins Commonrail Injectors 2004.5-2007: Stock Plus Injectors, Dragon Fly 60hp Injectors, Race 1 100hp Injectors 

New Factory Built Bosch Stock Injectors New Factory Built Bosch Injectors built to Performance by Industrial Injection!

Dodge Diesel Fuel Injectors Remanufactured with genuine Bosch Parts by Industrial Injection, or Bosch Factory Built Dodge Injectors by built to 60HP and 100HP Performance by Industrial Injection. Industrial Injection Diesel Fuel Injectors are High Quality, Flow Bench Tested and adjusted for unified flow.