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Air Intakes

Diesel engines are all about air. The more of it and the cooler it is the better. With the addition of a diesel performance chip, performance module, or diesel programmer, increasing air-flow is critical. Especially if you want to make higher horsepower gains without losing fuel mileage and sacrificing the longevity of your turbo diesel engine. A simple yet effective upgrade every diesel owner should make is installing a performance air intake system. Everything your engine does, even pulling in air,  requires energy. Anything you can do to make that easier for your engine will result in better fuel economy. The high-flow performance filters that come with today’s diesel performance intake kits are washable & reusable, enhance air flow, and last longer than the OEM filter. Performance diesel intake systems are designed with heat shields or are fully enclosed to keep hot air out of the intake stream. They also take advantage of technology like mandrel-bent intake tubes, powder coating, and high quality hardware designed to reduce air restrictions and intake temperatures. Cold air intake systems even take inlet air from outside of the engine compartment where the inlet air is cooler. Cooler inlet air temperatures translate into more power during the combustion process because cool air is denser than warm air. The more cold air you can get into your engine, the better performance you will get.