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STACK (Cust. Pics)

Black Cloud Diesel Customer Stack Pictures and Testimonials 


Grand Rock Chrome Truck Stacks


Below are some pictures and comments from our Black Cloud Diesel Customers about the Stacks they got from us! Be sure to scroll down to see all pictures of all Five Stack Styles: Bullhauler, Aussie, Straight, Mitre Cut and Turnout Curved Top Stack Tips!




Dale Havens Nice Job!



Carl Mullen got some 5 Inch Chrome Bullhauler Stacks and Installation Bed Kit from us - Looks Great!




Lynn & Marty's truck 


Nick Burgess sent us some pictures of his truck with the 6" Chrome Aussie Stack Kit he got from us - a Great Look for his Duramax!






Here's a picture of Donald Eddington's new stack install:




Check out our customer, Raymond Turner's Custom Exhaust Design:


Hey Blackclouddiesel, Here's some pictures of my (gas) 2001 2500HD 6.0 LS1 with a D1SC procharger for power. My Power Flow Exhaust Kit [4in] pipes are awesome. Thank you for a great kit and helpful service.[Also thank you marge.]



Brandon Streibeck's working his new 5" Bullhaulers!!!
"I ordered a set of 5" bullhauler about 8 months ago and they look as good as the day I bought them and still polish up nicely."




These are both pictures of our Customer Rob Hile's Truck with 6 Inch Chrome Aussie Stacks he bought from us here at Black Cloud Diesel Performance. Here's what Rob said, "I recently ordered and installed a set of 6" aussie stacks and love them. It has changed the look of the truck and the sound is AWESOME!!!"






Adam Argona, 5inch Aussies.
Adam's truck is a 1992 ford F-250 7.3 Diesel with the New Aussies. "She looks and sounds better then ever. Everyone asks where to get them. I tell them the best place around"




Chris Douglas says, "My truck is a 95 dodge 2500 single cab long bed 7 inch lift on 38's. I bought a stack kit from you guys a few months ago for my dodge and was asked to take some pictures of my truck with the stacks so here they are! "




Jeff at Marine Clean says, "I would like my truck to be seen on your website. This is my 2006 Dodge with 7" Mitre Cut Stacks."


John Adamson said, "THey look great and sound awesome. People comment on them all the time and always getting looks every time I drive it.  Thanks again!!!  Hope that maybe you can post them on your site with teh rest of the pictures."




Hey I noticed the majority of your stack pics are from up north. Well I would like to say we here down south appreciate your kits as well. That's why I sent you these pics of my 03' F-250 with 5" turn-outs... well above the cab. They sure do attract attention. THANKS GUYS!!! Kenny Myers Brandon,MS. 



Matt Gregory Says:
I bought these 5inch bull haulers from you guys a few months ago and I love them. My truck looks and sounds great and every where I go people complement me on them and ask where did I find them. I am very happy with them. thanks a lot.




Here's Blain;s truck with 7" Raw Steel Stacks that he had treated locally with a Teflon coating.

Hey Guys it's Blaine from SUPERIOR OFFROAD
Up here in Canada. Here is a picture of those 7 inch Mitre Cut stacks.
We had them Teflon coated in black. Hope you all like the pictures. P.S. Teflon coating
is good for + 600 Degrees F (think Frying pan) unlike Powder coating which
is only good to +/- 350 Degrees.(even the high temp stuff).




Tyler Pedigo with 7 inch Bullhauler stacks.
These are some pictures of my truck after the install of my 7 inch bullhauler. The install was very straightforward and the kit worked excellent. The customer service was great whenever I asked questions and the stack looks amazing! Thanks so much!





Dean Hayden, 6" Bull Hauler Stacks 




Jared Measner, in Sebring, 7" MITRE CUT STACKS



Rich Poling's Rig - 6 inch Mitre Cut (pre Tool Chest) - Woodbine, MD



Dan Franken, Virginia Beach, VA 5 inch Turnout Stacks 



Joe Sidebottom 1994 - Dodge Cummins with 6 inch Mitre Cut Stacks

Last year Joe Said: "these stacks are the coolest sounding mod you can do to your truck. Mine sounds like a hooked up big rig. I love them, they're very high quality. Every time I start it up I grin from ear to ear. Thanks
One year Later Joe says: bought your 6'' miters like 1 yr ago and there still holding up great, dirt and smoke still wipe off easily on a dewy morning and the chrome still looks brand new, love em and am thinking about some 6'' aussies, those look sweet. Semper FI! Carry On!"




Brandon Streibeck says:
I ordered these 5"X36" Bull haulers a few months ago they look and sound like a big rig




Jared Dearden's Dodge with Bullhaulers




Chris Hainault's Ride - Really nice looking with the 6 inch Mitres




Josh Starner and his 93 dodge cummins 12 valve with the
getrag 360 5 sp tranny smokes it up with his single stack set-up



Todd Werner's delicious candy apple beauty with
6 inch dual turnouts




Bryan Leingang's stunning BLACK powdercoated
5 inch dual Bullhaulers




Kristopher Welker Says:
"Thanks for the stacks, they are awesome! They weren't very hard to install and they make all the difference in my truck's appearance and sound. I get comments on them all the time and I turn heads everywhere I go. Thanks again!!!"




Jeff Berry Says:
"The Install Turned Out Great On My F-350 Dually"




Andrew Kraig Says:
"I bought 6 inch flat cut stacks from you guys and I wanted to thank you for everything. The stacks look and sound awesome! I'm very happy. well worth the wait!"




Bob Weaver Says:
"I noticed that you didn't have any 4 inch Stacks, pictured on your web site...
Oh, They sound GREAT! Thanks for the help, and a nice product. It made life a little easier!"




Michael Mattox - SC 6 inch Mitres - Looking real clean and real Mean 




Charlie Krettler, Astoria OR
5 inch Mitres. They're resting, They're working, They're SMOKIN'




John Fodera with 7 inch BullHaulers says:
"Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome set up for my truck. This was the final touch for my truck, easy and clean installation, awesome look and premium sound !!!!!"




Kevin Posey says :
"First off, I just wanted to say that my stacks are awesome! The install was a breeze and I've gotten many thumbs up. Hope to see my rig on your site! Thanks again Blackcloud!! I'm rockin your sticker on my back window too so be expecting more orders from
Charleston S.C. !!!! "




Cory Willbanks says:
I purchased a stack kit from you guys and I was very pleased with the turnout and the ease of the installation. It looks great and sounds awesome with a turbo back 4 inch exhaust on my 1992 Dodge Cummins. Everybody I meet always asks questions and I always recommend you guys to them. I would be very honored if you would put a picture of my truck on your website.



Jeremy Banks 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 says:
Here are some pictures of my 5 inch single turn out stack I ordered a couple of weeks ago. Thank you very much for a speedy transaction from start to finish. I'm very pleased with the quality of the kit and it has gotten a lot of positive comments. People can't believe that I did it myself with a kit. I just recieved my stickers today. I hope you put these pictures on your site.




Tyler Chase - Watertown, MN
Pictures of my truck with the bullhauler stack kit. Thanks alot I really like my stacks




Kevin Cochrane's 2006 Ford f350 Amarillo
with 7 inch Bullhauler stacks. Dickson City, Pennsylvania
I ordered stacks from you a few months ago and promised I would get some pictures for you to put on your web site. I hope to see them on there.




Our Country's Finest with 5 inch Turnouts (and Black Cloud Diesel stickers) Says:
"Thank you for a great product.
MSGT Carl. A. Wells. Soon to be




Stewart Storkman's Dodge with 5 inch Aussie Stacks.
"They are the 5 inch Aussies and they sound great!!! Thank you again!!"




Jody Newhouse
The turnout stacks on my 04 F350 are sweet. I love the sound they make. I didn't even finish putting them on my truck and my neighbor came by and said they look great.




Matt Dunfee
2002 - 2500HD - 6" Superlift
Dual 6" Aussie Stacks 




Rod McNeil:
I'd just like to say thanks for the kit, it went in very smoothly and it is very, very LOUD. Apparently most people like the short, stubby stacks (36 inches)Well here is a picture of my 4 ft tall (48 inch), 5 inch turn out stacks. I love the tall stacks because people can actually see them.