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Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 94.5-97

High Pressure Oil Pumps Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel 1994.5, 1995

Replacement High Pressure Oil Pumps HPOP

Why Replace your High Pressure Oil Pump?

A High Pressure Oil Pump may weaken or fail over time, causing costly damage to your injectors and other systems. It is also important to maintain the proper psi in your injection system--- because

When your HPOP gets tired your injectors won't get fired!

More HPO volume means more ICP pressure, which means better fuel atomization, resulting in less smoke and more Horsepower.

When is a Stock Replacement HPOP a better choice than a High Performance Pump?

A stock replacement High Pressure Oil Pump is a good choice for a truck with stock injectors, because a bigger HPOP will use more horsepower to drive it and will generate more heat than a stock HPOP. This would mean less horsepower to the wheels, and a little less fuel efficiency, which could effect your mileage. So it depends on the truck - a stock replacement may be the answer.