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GM LMM Injectors


Industrial Injection Injectors

We offer both new, stock injectors and remanufactured injectors including Stock, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Wild Race, Dragon Fly, and, Race 1, Race 2 and more. These Injectors are ideal for customers ranging from the daily driver, to heavy towing, sled pulling and competition race applications. Whether you are looking for raw power or improved mileage and fuel economy, we can help match you to the best injectors for the job. High quality remanufactured injectors, using the right tools & skilled craftsmanship, offer the same or better durability as new injectors. When you add in the fact that these injectors come in a matched set, meaning that they are flow tested and adjusted to create a matched performance set of injectors, you can be sure that your engine will run both smoothly and efficiently.  The possibility of, off the shelf, new injectors lining up the same way is not guaranteed. Remanufactured Injectors through Black Cloud Diesel Performance can both replace the injectors in your truck for less cost to you than new injectors and upgrade the performance of your diesel truck.

​We supply GM injectors from Industrial Injection, who specializes in the entire diesel performance industry. Industrial re-manufactures injectors from stock, all the way up to high performance race injectors. There are a wide range of injectors available, and we here at Black Cloud Diesel Performance are certain of the fact that we will get you the perfect injectors for your application at a great price. When upgrading from stock injectors to higher performance race injectors, it is important that your truck is set up to handle the injectors you are looking for. We here at Black Cloud Diesel are not only able to supply the injectors you need, but also any other upgrades that you may need in order to take advantage of your new Industrial Injectors.