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Industrial Injection Core and Warranty



INCLUDE RGA# THAT WAS ISSUED AT TIME OF PURCHASE! If RGA # is lost, please call Black Cloud Diesel at 715-824-5051. Have your original order number available at time of phone call to give all appropriate information for return.

Core return freight is the responsibility of the customer

In order to receive full core credit, your core(s) must be returned within 60 days from receipt of order. It must be as is “off the engine.” Full core credit will be given if core meets acceptance criteria. Cores that are damaged during shipment to Industrial Injection Service are the responsibility of the customer and their shipping company.


Core is acceptable but has been returned after 60 days of invoice and before 180 days
Damaged housing or camshaft
No Core Credit issued when:

Core is seized or hydraulic head is cracked
Excessive damage ( Heavy use of Bio-diesel and rust are common causes for unacceptable core)
Core is fire damaged
Cracked or damaged injector bodies
Core is returned after 180 days/6months
Please do the following when returning a core

Make sure you have removed all fittings from your old unit
Drain all fuel and oil from unit
Package cores so that fuel and oil does not escape from the package
NOTE: packages that have fuel or oil residue on the outside of the box during shipping will not be delivered by UPS or the postal service which will cause delays.

Please re-use boxes and bags that parts were shipped in originally. These boxes are UPS approved to reduce damage while being handled in freight.
All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer
Please write on the box “Core Return” and have RGA # clearly written on the outside of box
Include copy of original invoice and RGA inside box
PLEASE RETAIN RGA#, INVOICE # AND TRACKING NUMBER UNTIL CREDIT IS RECEIVED BY YOU. We do not research by customer name, only invoice # or RGA #.


Please return all cores to the shop address provided to you by Black Cloud Diesel AND include the RGA Number provided so your return can be processed. You will be responsible for additional shipping costs if you send the cores to any other address including the Black Cloud Diesel office or warehouse locations.


Industrial Injection Return Policy

Merchandise Return Policy
To ensure your satisfaction, we permit our customers to return items purchased from Industrial Injection Service, subject to the limitations and procedures set forth below.

60 Day Return Period

You may return an item purchased from Industrial Injection Service for any reason up to 60 days from the original Invoice date, provided that the item has not been installed and is in “brand-new” condition. 15% restocking fee will be assessed.

Return Merchandise Authorization

To return an item, you must first request a Return Goods Authorization (or “RGA”) number. To obtain an RGA number, please call the dealer you've purchased from (BLACK CLOUD DIESEL) AT 715-824-5051 and provide them with the following information: original invoice number; part number; serial number (if applicable); quantity; reason for the return with as much detail as possible; and any other relevant information that will help us process the return with speed and accuracy. RGA numbers will only be issued to current customers.

Unauthorized Returns

Items returned to Industrial Injection Service without a valid RGA number will not be processed. Industrial Injection Service will not be responsible for unauthorized returns.

Restocking Fee

All returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Return Shipping Procedures

Please carefully box the item to be returned and clearly print the RGA number on the outside of the shipping box. Please add the RGA number to the packing slip and place it inside the box. Only return the item(s) listed on the RGA. The item must be shipped to Industrial Injection Service with all shipping costs/duties prepaid. Freight collect shipments will be refused. You may be required to provide a tracking number for proof of delivery in the event is needed. Neither Black Cloud Diesel nor Industrial Injection Service is not responsible for lost shipments.

Return of Defective Products

Items that do not function correctly or are flawed in a material way are considered defective. Manufacturer policies vary regarding product warranty and handling of defective items. Some defective returns may require manufacturer approval and, in certain cases, the manufacturer may require you to work directly with them to authorize the return. In the event that you purchase a defective item from Industrial Injection Service, the Customer Service Representative will do everything in his or her power to ensure that the item is replaced as quickly as possible, subject to the guidelines of each manufacturer’s policy. Please provide the Customer Service Representative as much detail as possible when requesting an RGA # for a defective item. Defective items will not be subject to the 15% restocking fee.

Non-Returnable Products

Special order items, replacement parts, items that have been installed, and obsolete or discontinued products are not eligible for returns.

Shortage Claims and Shipping Errors

Please carefully inspect all shipments upon receipt. If you have received fewer items than the quantity ordered or a different item from the one ordered, please contact Customer Service Representative so that we can provide you with the correct item(s) and/or issue an appropriate credit. Any shortage claims or shipping errors must be reported within three days from the receipt of the shipment.

Products Damaged During Shipment

Truck shipments should be inspected at the time of delivery. Any obvious damage to the shipment should be noted on the Bill of Lading. Upon unpacking the shipment, you must make any claim for product damage during shipping directly to the trucking company. For damaged UPS or FedEx shipments, please contact a Customer Service Representative; we will handle the claim on your behalf.


Credits will be issued upon receipt, inspection and approval of the returned items, net of any applicable restocking fees. Please allow ten business days from the date we receive the returned product to process the RGA and issue the appropriate credit.


All remanufactured fuel injection pumps. fuel injectors and industrial or over the road application turbo chargers supplied by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months for domestic or foreign passenger car or trucks and industrial application. from the date of purchase.

All remanufactured turbos supplied by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. for foreign or domestic automobile and light truck application are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase. Failure to install new oil feed line when replacing turbo in this application will void any and all warranty. Proof of such replacement must be provided.

Warranty for injection pumps. injectors or turbos is limited to repair or replacement by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. at INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC’S exclusive option. Said warranty will not be honored in case of damage or malfunction due to improper installation, misuse, neglect, unauthorized disassembly or alteration or external physical damage. No warranty is made for any claims for special, indirect or consequential damages (including. but not limited to component removal or installation. equipment down time, prospective profits, or other economic loss) due to any defect deemed otherwise warranted by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC.

All units returned to INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. for warranty consideration must be shipped freight prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted. Purchaser must provide written notice of the nature of the defect to INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. Purchaser must provide adequate means for operating and testing goods in question. Purchaser shall allow a reasonable amount of time to remedy defect. Valid proof of purchase must accompany the returned product.

This statement represents the complete warranty offered by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. on its manufactured or remanufactured products. expressly in lieu of any other warranties, including any of merchantability, or suitability for a particular purpose. No individual is authorized to bind INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. to any warranty not expressly set forth herein.



High performance parts & products no warranty policy: The purchaser understands and recognizes that high performance diesel products and services sold by INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC. are exposed to many and varied conditions due to the manner in which they are installed and used. INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC., makes no warranties either expressed or implied including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

No salesman, officer, agent or representative of INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC., is authorized to waive or modify this warranty disclaimer and limitation of damages. Further, no representation, promise, description of goods. or affirmation of fact made by any salesman, officer, agent or representative of INDUSTRIAL INJECTION SERVICE. INC., shall be effective to any extent whatsoever to waive or modify this warranty disclaimer and limitation of damages.

All cores due 30 days after invoice date - no credit after 60 days.

Purchasers of our product(s) agree to accept full responsibility for any loss of factory warranty and or loss of product life cycle attributable to the installation and use of said product(s).