Manufacturer's Warranty Page


Any manufacturer's, parts or products not listed on this page may not be covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Electronics not warranted.



5 YEAR/200,000 MILE LIMITED MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY  Whichever comes first! (see warranty info below)

-We do not charge an up-front core charge for 7.3L injectors. If you do not return rebuildable cores the core charge of $1000.00 will be charged to you.
- By placing an order, you are agreeing to our Injector Core Policy.

In an effort to keep our prices low, ALL Swamps 7.3L Remanufactured Injectors are sold with the return of your injector cores as a part of the final purchase cost rather than an up-front cost. This means it is not charged up-front, and will only be added to your account if necessary.

***REBUILDABLE CORE INJECTORS are those injectors which were most recently installed into your vehicle's engine. Normal injector wear, to include poppet valve wear, fuel plate erosion, loss of internal spring tension, etc, is considered normal, and we repair/replace those parts on every set.
-Injectors returned to us which are out of a salvage yard,
-Injectors which have been used for or were exposed to veggie oil,
-Injectors which have been burned, or
-Injectors which have been externally damaged.
-Injectors that are rusted shut
-Injector which has previously been disassembled.
We do not bill a core charge up-front with purchase of remanufactured fuel injectors. However, if you fail to return any core within 21 days of delivery, you, by failure to return cores, agree to a $1000 core charge which will be added to your card. If, due to scheduling conflicts, installation of the new injectors will not occur in a reasonable amount of time, please CALL US, we may, at our discretion, extend your 21 day core return window to better suit your installation schedule.


Core Returns save the packing and box(es) for use with your core return. Use the Core Return Label for your core return.

Packaging Core Return: Injectors are heavy and have sharp points/corners that can cut through packaging. We recommend first wrapping each one in 2-3 shop towels for padding and to absorb the oil in them, then enclosing them in a Zip-Loc bag or several layers of plastic wrap. Next wrap them in newspaper and pack them tightly in the box. A set of injectors weighs about 25 pounds, so be sure to use a strong box in good condition. Proper packing means that the container can be dropped from a height of 18" about 6-8 times on its corners, edges and sides with out damage to the contents, and the container remains intact. We do NOT file insurance claims on damaged injectors if they are not properly packed. You are responsible for any damage incurred in any return process if not properly packed.

ANY OTHER RETURNS: Call Black Cloud Diesel before any other returns at 715-824-5051. Any other Returns should be unopened. All returns will be subject to inspection prior to any/all refunds. If you have opened the box, pack your return injectors the same way they were received by you, thoroughly tape and secure injectors and box. You are responsible for any damage incurred in any return process if not properly packed.
Call us at 715-824-5051 if you have any questions.



Swamp’s Diesel is pleased to announce that we are increasing our injector warranty on ALL of
our 7.3L fuel injectors, from 2 year (unlimited mileage) to 200,000 miles, or 5 years (whichever comes
The warranty will begin on the date that the product is delivered to the installer or retail customer.
Our warranty will cover any injector defect caused by our parts (including injector o-rings), our
machining procedures, our assembly and/or testing process, and/or modifications we make to the fuel
Swamp’s Diesel will also cover labor & installation costs for customers that are able to bring the truck to
our facility in LaVergne, TN, as long as it is a warrantable defect.

Swamp’s Diesel cannot cover injector damage caused by the following:
1--Injector damages caused by a lack of lubricity in the fuel:
• water in fuel
• gasoline in fuel
• poor filtration
• low fuel pressure
• 'home made' bio &/or veggie fuels
2--Injector damages caused by electrical, wiring, or engine problems (i.e., external damage to the injector

Swamp’s Diesel will not be able to cover/reimburse any losses related to shipping, labor, loss of time or wages,
rental fees, towing fees, or damages directly or indirectly related to the use of our product. If the labor
(diagnostics & installation) can be performed by one of our authorized dealers; please have our dealer
contact us prior to beginning any work.
If internal injector damage (caused by fuel contamination, etc, as listed above) occurs within our
warranty period, we will replace the damaged part(s) at a cost of $60 per injector.

In order to be eligible for our warranty, you must send in your completed warranty card,
providing us with the last 8 digits of the vehicle VIN, as well as the vehicle mileage at the time of the
injector installation. This card is to be returned to us within 30 days of receiving your injectors.
Shipping procedure:
Swamp’s Diesel will cover the (US FedEx Ground or US FedEx home delivery) shipping costs associated
with shipping a (warrantable) replacement to the customer within the first 2 years. Expedited
(overnight, 2nd day, 3rd day Express Saver) shipping costs will not be covered by our warranty. After 2
years, the customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with having a replacement shipped.
Return shipping costs of the original/warrantable injector to Swamp’s Diesel, is the responsibility of the
customer, in or out of our warranty period. If no core is returned, within 30 days of receiving a
replacement, then the customer agrees to be billed $125 per injector.

Our commitment to our customers:
Swamp’s Diesel is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable, best performing, and
most durable injectors available. Our commitment to providing quality parts, diagnostic support, and
customer service to our customers is paramount.
Swamp’s Diesel injectors are 100% rebuilt, in house, with the highest quality parts available, the most
experienced staff, and a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that you receive an injector that is truly,
better than new.
Our rebuilt injectors are guaranteed to have tolerances that are ‘tighter’ than new. We do not simply
install new parts and ship them…we measure, disassemble, machine, clean, re-measure, reassemble and
test every individual injector to ensure that it will last at least 200,000 miles. Every injector we build is
subjected to (a minimum of) 3,000 injector firings on our injector flow bench. This unparalleled level of
testing ensures that the injector is not only functioning properly, but also ensures that the injector
matches the other injectors within its’ set with less than a 1% variance. Injectors that are sold as “new”
by other companies are not flow tested at all.

There are plenty of low cost “rebuilt” injectors on the market, but our injectors are guaranteed to be
better than new. We would not ‘waste our time’ rebuilding injectors, if we did not believe (and prove!)
that our injectors are the highest quality on the market.
If you have any questions regarding our injector warranty, our rebuilding procedures, or our
commitment to excellence for our customers, please do not hesitate to contact Swamp’s Diesel.