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Diesel Fuel Additive Fuel Treatment RevX Distance+ Plus 8 oz. bottle

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Diesel Fuel Additive Fuel Treatment RevX Distance+ Plus 8 oz. bottle

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Distance+ Fuel Additive (One 8 oz. bottle)

Diesel Fuel Additive Fuel Treatment RevX Distance+ Plus

DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive is our cost effective solution to curing the common problems associated with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel in any application. It has been specially formulated to boost all aspects of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for summer applications to keep all systems running at maximum efficiency at an incredibly inexpensive price.

Distance+ Major Benefits Include:

  • Increases Fuel Economy by an average of 5.8%.
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals.
  • All Products Exceeds Cummins L-10 detergency specifications for rapid cleanup of complete fuel system and engine components.
  • Lubricity Additive package exceeds needed lubrication standards for ULSD, protecting all aspects of fuel system components.
  • Reduces Particulate Emissions.
  • Restores Horsepower and Torque.
  • Increases stability of ULSD Fuel in any storage environment.
  • De-Icing additive used contains No Alcohol
  • Created strictly for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuels
  • Use Distance+ down to Zero, Use Winter Treat at 10 Degrees and colder.

Distance+ Fuel Treatment Application Treat Ratios:

Distance + and Distance + Winter Fuel Additives have the same base ratios of treatment to fuel:  

   1 oz. to 25 gallons.   

Distance + is good down to zero but at 10 degrees or colder it is recommended to switch to Distance + Winter.


  • One 8 oz Bottle Distance+ Fuel Additive