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Turbo Back Conversion Kit (Down Pipe Mid Pipe & Hardware) Dodge Cummins 03 04

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Turbo Back Conversion Kit
Dodge Cummins 2003-2004
Down-Pipe/Mid-Pipe Exhaust Parts

Converts your standard Grand Rock Stack Installation Bed Kit to a Turbo Back kit

Aluminized Exhaust Pipes and Parts including Downpipe, Midpipe & Hardware Kit 4" Exhaust Pipe Upgrades from your Cat Back Stack Kit to Turbo Back Stack Kit. Converts your standard stack kit to a turbo back kit

Black Cloud Diesel has made it easy to convert your Grand Rock Cat Back Stack Installation Kit to a Turbo Back Kit. You will get Downpipe, mid-pipe(s) and all the hardware you need to complete your cat back stack kit to a full turbo back exhaust system with your stacks. Includes Everything you need to convert your standard cat back stack kit to a turbo back kit.


  • Down Pipe
  • Mid Pipe
  • Hardware Kit