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SDD3250 Installation Overview Dodge G56 Transmission

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SDD3250 Assembly

NOTE: Questions, Call 715-254-2307

Installation:  Dodge G56 Diesel Pickup Truck gets a South Bend Clutch SDD3250-GK Dual Disc Clutch

SDD3250GK: Double Disc clutch kit installation on 2005 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 4x4 with a G-56 6spd transmission. 

The process of replacing the stock clutch with a South Bend SDD3250 was an easy one thanks to the river crossing the day prior to the project. I would suggest that giving your vehicle a good underbody wash before your crawl under the truck pays off. (The leveling kit that the truck was fitted with, to accommodate the 37 inch tires, was a major plus! It gave us much more maneuverability under the truck!) 

Who should install the clutch: ASE certified Mechanic: easy rip apart, 2-3 people recommended. South Bend is very cooperative in giving guidance over the phone if needed for any part of the project.

Length of Time: 4-6hr project. 

Thank you to Peter at South Bend Clutch, Amos, Gary with Black Cloud Diesel. 


I wrote this project with the assumption that you have the basic skills and equipment needed to remove/install & replace a clutch. This is an informative guide to give a brief description & illustrated help on removing & installing a G56 transmission, not a complete how-to guide. 

The removal and installation process for the G-56 6spd transmission 
NOTE-When working on this project it is a good idea to organize the pieces you have removed from the truck. This will help significantly in the re-installation process.

-Disassemble the shifter and the transfer case selector from the interior of the vehicle. 
-Remove the center console and anything in the way that would obstruct the shifter housing from being able to slide out from underneath the truck. 

-Unbolt the front drive shaft from the transfer case. (We found a trick using wire/rope to hold the front driveshaft to the frame so it's easier to move around when you're underneath the truck.) 

-Unbolt the rear drive shaft bolts, and then slide the driveshaft out from the rear of the transfer case.

-There are 6 nuts on the Transfer case housing that need to be removed that hold it to the transmission. 

-Slide the cross member out of the frame by pushing it off to one side of the truck and lowering to the floor. It will go quick with a hammer and pry bar to help with leverage. Once the cross member is out it is a good idea to support the weight of the transmission with a floor jack especially when the transfer case is still connected. 

-Lower the transfer case from the transmission, keeping it level so the fluid does not run out. Two men can usually lower this transfer case to the ground without causing any damage so it's great to coordinate this part with at least two other people. Also, using another floor jack to lower the transfer case will help keep the transfer case safe from damage while balancing to the floor. 

-Once the transfer case is removed place a transmission jack underneath the transmission. Unbolt your transmission. 
-When the transmission is unbolted and everything is detached from the housing you will need to have two people holding the transmission in place-one on either side-and another person controlling the jack. 

-Notice the exhaust hanger located on the passenger side of the truck. This hanger really makes for a tight fit when lowering the transmission. You will need to slowly lower the transmission then pull the shaft away from the engine while controlling the process with the floor jack. 

-The inspection cover is on the passenger side.
It has 2 bolts but only 1 needs to be removed. The other one, once loose, will let the inspection cover slide out. 

The inspection cover is underneath the truck where the transmission bolts to the engine crankcase. 8 bolts will need to be loosened through the inspection hole cover which will be time consuming due to safety factors.

-Flywheel removal: While one person is underneath the truck designate someone to turn the key gently for the flywheel to spin and line up, so you can see the bolts through the inspection cover (located underneath the truck)
Great communication is the key here when lining up.

*Always remember to make sure keys are out of the ignition before someone loosens the bolts, this could save you from a possible injury, also a part or tool being destroyed. Loosen up the bolts on the flex plate part way, then repeat.

Removing the old clutch and flexplate from flywheel can be a difficult task. For the easiest method of removal, when loosening bolts, keep pressure on the assembly so the torque does not spin the assembly freely.

Removal of old parts (without drive shafts)


Once you have the transmission on the ground you can then start installing your new South Bend Clutch from Black Cloud Diesel. 

-You can start by installing your new hydraulic system under the hood of the truck. 

Hydraulic System: 
When attaching the system it works best to go off of the old layout. 

-Make sure the master cylinder is properly fastened into the bracket. 

-When installing the clutch fork and bearing assembly, lightly grease splines on the shaft then slide assembly on. Any excess grease will be spun off the splines and now could contaminate the clutch assembly. SO, avoid excess grease.   

-It is very important to inspect the output shaft to make sure it is secure within the housing. It should not be loose. You should not be able to shift it from left to right.

Bell housing with newly installed clutch fork assembly: notice sticker on clutch fork says KEEP TO THE LEFT. 
-It is very good to inspect the output shaft to make sure it is secure within the housing- not loose and able to shift from left to right. If output shaft feels loose it would be a good time to deliver your transmission to a certified mechanic to diagnose the problem. 

-Fly wheel assembly bolts back up to engine crank.* 

(*Engine Crank bolts are 100ft. lbs.) 

-Install the 2 discs with the alignment tool that south bend has included in their clutch install kit. 

-Now attach the pressure plate and 8 bolt assembly*. 

(*Pressure Plate bolts are 38ft. lbs.) 

-Then raise the transmission and put into place. It may take some good maneuvering around the exhaust hanger. 

-Once clutch assembly is installed you now can raise the transmission and bolt it back in place using 2 people underneath to guide the housing into place on the engine block. 

-Gently move the transmission back and forth to help line up the splines on the output shaft. 

-Now re-install the cross member to mount the tail housing of the transmission. 

-Once in place, tighten bolts securing it to the vehicle frame. 

-Connect your electrical connections back up to your transmission and transfer case. 

-You should now be able to secure both your front & rear driveshaft into place. 

-The center console now can be placed back in the interior and shifter and transfer case assembly now can be re-attached. 

- Go ahead and look everything over, double check that you have installed everything properly, and there are no extra pieces lying around. 

-After installation adjust the clutch pedal to height of brake pedal and test for accurate release. Adjust accordingly if needed. 

South Bend Clutch Technical Specifications: SDD3250GK 


1200 ft. lbs* 

Ceramic Plates 

*HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE RATING: South Bend 's clutches have been known to hold more horsepower and torque than they are rated for, but every application can be slightly different. If your ratings are nearly pushing the limits you should go with the next, higher-rated model of the South Bend Clutch so the clutch is the right match for your truck, which protects your warranty. 

*CRYOGENIC FREEZING: This clutch did not undergo the cryogenic process, but all competition and racing applications go through the Cryogenic Freezing process to ensure long lasting quality products during extreme conditions. Cryogenic Freezing is available for any South Bend Clutch upon request, for an additional charge. 

The G56 transmission is installed on the 2005.5-recent Dodge 2500 applications. 
South Bend also offers FDD3250 for Ford which is the same application as the SDD3250.   The 3250 series clutches are a great replacement even for stock vehicle applications. 

This product is made in America ! 

South Bend Inc. 

709 W Jefferson Blvd. 

Mishawaka , IN 46545 

Article by Cody Kanuscak