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STACK (Install Kits)

Stack Installation T-Pipe Kits by Grand Rock  

Grand Rock Stack Installation Kits are Universal Cat-Back Stack Installation T-Pipe Kits. Grand Rock Stack Bed Kits include all piping, clamps, and hardware needed for a seamless install with superior fit and finish.  

The standard stack length is 36", which brings the stacks tip approximately 1-2” above cab. The in-bed T-Pipe adds about 10” of height. 

Select the Kit for the size of your Stack! 

Dual Stack T-Pipe Kits (DPU-4SK) and Single Stack S-Pipe Kits (SPU-4SK) for 4 Inch Stacks use 4 inch piping through-out.

Dual Stack T-Pipe Kits and Single Stack S-Pipe Kits for 5, 6, 7 and 8 Inch Stacks have 4 inch piping below bed with "T" pipe or "S" pipe that expands to 5 inch above bed. Bed Kits Fit Stacks with 5" OD base. 

Complete 5” kits with 5" pipes throughout are also available if you already have a 5” exhaust.  These kits end in "5I", ex. DPU-6SK-5I is a dual stack installation kit for 6 inch stacks on a truck that already has a 5 inch exhaust. 

Grand Rock Performance Truck Stack Exhaust Systems remove stock exhaust restrictions. Benefits: improved power and performance, increased fuel mileage/fuel economy, lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs), increased longevity.


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*It is the Sole Responsibility of the purchaser to be sure any part or modification made to a vehicle adheres to any local, state or any other laws, ordinances, etc.

Universal Cat Back Stack Installation Bed Kit for Non-DPF Diesel Pickup Trucks- Ford Powerstroke Stacks, Ram Dodge Cummins Stacks, GMC Chevy Duramax Stacks!