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Turbo Back Kits with Stacks

Grand Rock Turbo Back Stack Kits with Stacks!

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Grand Rock Turbo Back Stack Kits for Diesel pickup trucks are Complete Turbo Back Exhaust Systems with Stacks made from the the highest quality chrome! Chrome is heat resistant and does not turn yellow from heat or gray from oxidation.

Turbo Back Stack Kits for installing 4 Inch Stacks use all 4 inch clamps, hardware and piping.

 Turbo Back Stack Kits for installing 5, 6, 7 and 8 Inch Stack use 4 inch clamps, hardware, and piping below the bed and expands to 5 inch above the bed- The inlet of the t-pipe is 4 inch, the t-pipe expands to 5 inch above bed, t-pipe, clamps and hardware above bed are 5 inch. Our 5, 6, 7 and 8 inch stacks have 5" OD Base that fits into the t-pipe outlets.  


Select what truck you're putting it on, and what size and style stacks you want. 

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Exhaust Piping made from corrosion-resistant 16-ga. US-made aluminized steel mandrel-bent pipes. *Precise fit, no need to hammer or adjust. *Deburred 1/2" rod hangers, no sharp edges or burrs, (33% thicker) 3/8" wire hangers, *Welded double saddle, flattened bolt hangers won't crush pipe. *Brackets zinc plated to prevent rust. *ACCUSEAL™ clamps join pipes together, won't crush pipes, keeps exhaust joints serviceable. *All tubes are deburred, cleaned, no sharp edges or saw chips.

*Do to shipping size restrictions 48 and 60 Inch Stacks and Turbo Back Kits are only available in the Lower 48 States at this time.

Turbo back exhaust systems are a great idea , for several reasons

Moving up from 3.5 to 4"exhaust will reduce your exhaust gas temperatures by about 200 degrees.

You will gain approximately, an extra 20 horse power,up in the power band. This would occur at around 70 miles per hour, or normal highway speeds. You also loose a little bit of torque, at low rpm.s, however you will more than make up for this when you install a chip. 

If you are into a throaty performance sound, it's going to sound a little bigger.

Cab Drone is amplified when you install a turbo-back system. When you remove the muffler and cat, overtones from the engine are not cancelled. It can be so loud in the cab that you have a hard time listening to the radio. We have a fix for this. Install a Jones Turbine Muffler, with resonator under the floor boards of the passenger seat. this muffler has 0 back pressure. Your engine will not know it is there. It's an 800 hp NASCAR Muffler with resonator. It actually works quite well.

A turbo back stack system along with a good intake, will really help your diesel breath, while directing the exhaust up and away from everything. It also makes a drastic change in the look of your truck.