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1994.5-2004 Cummins NV4500 5 Speed

download5-speed.png   Revers is to the Right and Down e 1.375" input shaft and 13" clutch.  (For the 12.25" clutches, Choose from the NV4500 5 speed Clutches )

2001-2005 Cummins 24 Valve with NV5600 6 Speed Transmission.

 Reverse is to the Right and Up  nv56shiftpatterns.gif

24 Valve Dodge 6 Speed Single and Street Dual Disc Clutches with NV5600 Transmissions using 1-3/8" Input Shaft  Note: Most but not all  99-00 are Non-HO trucks with the NV5600 and had a 1.25" input shaft and 12.25" flywheel. There are also some 99-00 HO trucks clutch which are the same as the 2000.5 - 2005 HO trucks that have the 1.375" input shaft and 13" clutch.