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5" Chrome Bullhauler Stack Bullhorn 5" x 36" with 5" OD Base

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5" Chrome Bullhauler Stack Bullhorn 5" x 36" with 5" OD Base
Grand Rock Stacks 

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5" Chrome Bullhauler Stack Bullhorn 5" x 36" with 5" OD Base

Cattle Hauler Style Truck Stack

Grand Rock Stacks - Chrome Stack

Stack bottom fits our universal pick up truck bed kit 

Our chrome parts are first metal-finished to near perfection - all marks and flaws in the steel tubing are removed, then receive these two plating processes before receiving the final chrome plating. Double-Nickel Chrome plating is a very durable finish that holds up to corrosion very well and looks amazing to the eye.

Grand Rock chrome stacks are metal-finished lengthwise prior to chroming (they are "buffed" lengthwise) so they will not have a rippled look when you look down the length of our stacks. Some chrome stacks on the market are metal-finished using a "barber-pole" radial buffing technique which leaves grind marks going across the stack sideways, and lots of waves and ripples. Not ours.

If you are looking for show-quality chrome stack pipes and elbows that stay looking great for MANY years, look no further than GRAND ROCK chrome pipes! As good as any OE chrome pipe, and maybe even a notch above! AND, competitively priced too...

WARRANTY: Chrome-plated and aluminized parts used on truck and school bus exhaust applications, are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. It is the dealer’s responsibility to inform its customers of our warranty conditions and of proper installation techniques. Due to the higher heat output of Emissions Components, Grand Rock cannot warrant the Chrome Plating for any item installed on any truck made after 2007. As a solution, ceramic heat barrier coatings can be applied at an additional cost, alleviating the concern. Grand Rock cannot be held responsible for damage done as a result of improper installation. If a part is determined to be defective, Grand Rock reserves the right to repair or replate only and return the part that has been modified, altered, or otherwise damaged. Neglect is not warranted! Keep Chrome parts clean and waxed! Warranty claims are limited to the purchase price.