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5" Miter 45* Angle Cut Stack 5" X 48" Raw Steel Stack 5" OD Base

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5" Miter 45* Angle Cut Stack 5" X 48" Raw Steel Stack 5" OD Base

NOTE: Questions, Call 715-254-2307

Raw Steel Miter Cut Stack 5" Diameter X 48" Length 5" OD Base  

45* Angle Cut Stack

Unfinished Custom Made Raw Steel Stacks are MADE-TO-ORDER in the size and style you select. These raw steel stacks NEED to be finished- they do not have a finish on them, and will rust if you do not have them finished or coated. You can order a turbo back exhaust or installation kit to use with them. 

Have these stacks custom finished locally: Powder Coat, Paint...

Production time averages 1-6 weeks for most styles and sizes. Order CANNOT BE CANCELLED once production of stacks has started, and is NON-RETURNABLE. Call for production lead time 715-824-5051.


Warranty Information: Chrome-plated (except weld area) and aluminized parts used on heavy duty truck exhaust systems are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. Call if you have questions on proper installation techniques. Grand Rock and Black Cloud Diesel cannot be held liable for damage done as a result of improper installation. If a part is determined to be defective, Grand Rock and Black Cloud Diesel reserve the right to replate only and return the part when the part has been modified, altered, or otherwise damaged. Neglect is not Warranted! Keep the parts clean & waxed!