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Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 99-03


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Note: 1999-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke trucks have AD Split-Shot Injectors. However, Serious Performance Injectors for these trucks are Single-Shot AA Performance Injectors and require specialized programming.

Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Injectors -Best Fuel Injectors for Ford Powerstroke 1999-2003 Diesel Pickup Trucks! 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke AD Injectors 

Unlimited Diesel Performance Fuel Injectors are one of the top brands on the market. Unlimited Diesel stands behind their injectors with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Remanufactured Ford Injectors: 20cc Enhanced Stock Injectors, Stage 1 Injectors, Stage 2 Injectors and Single Shot AA Conversion Performance Injectors with Hydra Chip (Required)

Ford  Powerstroke Best 7.3 Injectors ... Code and Injector Flow Rates:

AA - 1994-1997 Powerstroke, Single Shot Injectors, flow 90cc, Non-California trucks.  
AB - 1997 California and all Early 1999 trucks, Split Shot injectors, flow 130cc of fuel.
AD - Late 1999-2003 Powerstrokes and T444Es, Split Shot Injector, flow 130-135cc
AE - Long Lead AD injector, supposed to cure "cackle" issue

To determine if your truck is an early or late 1999 model year, locate the tag on the drivers side door. Vehicles built before 12/7/98 are considered early 99 and vehicle built after 12/7/98 are considered late 99.

 These  7.3 injectors are highly dependable.To start with the best 7.3 injectors are flow tested and spray patterns checked. This guarantees you will receive a matching performance set.

Your 7.3 injectors are split shot and fit  all late model 7.3 s. 

 7.3 injectors are also offered in a single shot, AA pre 2000 Hybrid format, with our Hydra chip, including 6 hybrid programs.

 Our Hydra chip holds up to 15 Gear Head programs with a USB connection so you can load your own programs. There are many excellent downloads available on the hydra flash site. We are also able to email programs directly to you and you will be able to install them your self, using the USB connection which is mounted directly on the chip. Programs can be tailored by gear head, through Unlimited Diesel for a seamless custom fit and emailed to you for download. There are 15 slots on your Hydra chip, for alternate programs. 

 We have a limited life time warranty on all our Best 7.3 injectors, which means if your injectors have an unwarrantable issue and not a negligence issue such as severe contamination or something like gas in the fuel, we will repair and return at no charge as long as you own your truck. So fill out the warranty before you do anything else. you will be glad you did. 

 When you receive your new Best 7.3 injectors, there will be a slip of paper with a red stop sign and a web site address for you to warranty your injectors online by logging in your injector serial numbers. Keep in mind that there are shops that do not take responsibility and do not keep the the paperwork or complete your Warranty info. Get the serial numbers, your self, (take pictures) off your new injectors before they are installed. Core returns should be handled with care. The solenoids need the most protection as the are susceptible to fracture chipping and broken electrical connections. A lot of damage occurs during shipping, so we ask that you reuse the same shipping materials your new injectors came in. All damaged solenoids will be replaced with new at a cost of $50.00 each. There will be a call tag on the outside of the 7.3 injectors shipping carton, in a plastic (packing slip type) pouch. Use this call tag to return your old cores. It doesn't get any easier. 

 These are some of the best 7.3 injectors products available. Check out our reviews online. Our 7.3 injectors hold a great reputation for Quality, Performance, and Great Service. 

*Here are some tips on installing your 7.3 injectors- Always check the bottom of you injector cups for cracks and to make sure the copper crush washer was not left behind. In either case you will not have a good seal, causing major issues. Also,seat your injectors properly by lightly tapping them in until you hear them seat. Do not depend on the hold down bolts to get the job done. Keep your new set of Best 7.3 injectors sealed in the packaging untill it is time to drop them in the hole. By doing so, you avoid all the contamination and accidental damage to them possibly falling on the floor. 
Also, try to install your injectors indoors. Believe it or not, the wind is not your injectors friend. A gust of dust is all it takes to give your new 7.3 injectors trouble. 10 microns is all it takes to take down an injector, attacking primarily the plunger and barrel assembly. (Ben there done that) .
Get as much air out of your fuel system before you attempt to start your 7.3.Reason being is that you want to avoid cavitation(Air Bubbles In the Nozzle) while the oil pressure is down. Cavitation in your new Best 7.3 injectors  will erode the spray patterns under pressure, over time. Your high pressure oil pump has a maximum PSI of 3000. Cavitation @ 3000 PSI will compromise your spray patterns and that is why you should never rev your engine to get air out more quickly.We recommend starting at idle for a minimum of 45 minuets. 
When your engine has smoothed out, you should drive it for about 50 miles, in order to dissipate the last of the air. Listen to your motor for any hick ups. If all is well your are good to go, with a perfectly preserved set of 7.3 Injectors. Remember to call us if you have a situation where you can use our help. We will do our best rectify any technical situation you may encounter. You will find a great bunch of guys to get you going with good solid advice regarding our Best 7.3 injectors. I personally have sold 7.3 injectors since about 2000 and have not found a greater bunch of guys than we have right now.Our success depends on good working relationships and quality products. A good reputation doesn't hurt either.
The bench mark for the longevity of the Heui 7.3L injector averages around 200,000 Miles. You will find that a set of our Best 73 Injectors and a regular service change @ 35,000 miles, with high quality oils and the right additives, like RevX, the longevity of your injectors goes way up, along with the rest of the moving parts in your engine. Make the investment. Remember, that with a diesel trucks, it's not miles per gallon. It is DOLLARS PER MILE. Make the investment in a matched performance set. The Best 7.3 injectors on the market, you'l be glad you did.

Your 73 Powerstroke has now become a legend world wide. A new truck simply is not that much better. Just a huge price tag for a stock vehicle.

 In reality your Powerstroke will do the same job. Our Best 73 injectors are a great investment to keep you on the road. Investing in a truck that uses DEF,DPF filters and a choking EGR simply make it a poor investment with disappointing performance and a lot of extra expenses, you did not plan for.

 Keeping your 7.3 running is a great commonsense way to go. They say, if the frame is not rusted out, your 7.3 is a keeper. Think of what kind of 7.3 you would have if you spent half the money as apposed to a new truck. A beautiful solid truck. Isn't that what we all want? A solid working beautiful truck, with the best 7.3 injectors on the market.