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To say that you expect to never have to buy another clutch, may be unreasonable , however, you can use these guidlines to get your clutch to last.

Basic Guidelines - (All Dodge Cummins Clutches, Ford Powerstroke Clutches and Duramax Clutches) >Clutches should have a hp rating that  matches or exceeds the hp of your truck. The acception to this rule seems to be the 3250 dual disk street clutches, because they have been using them on stock trucks. >Trucks over 450 rear wheel hp used for towing purposes should be looking at  Dual Disk street clutch. Single disk clutches will engage too aggressively and cause other problems. >Organic pads engage and slip the easiest.  Recommended for the daily driver. Feramic (iron composite)is a medium aggressive pad for multiple use and Ceramic pads are the most aggressive with max holding power and emediate engagement  (not smooth  > Trucks over 450 horse power, at the rear wheels and tow a max of 15,000 lbs or more, on a regular basis, are best served through the use of a double disc  street clutch.>Trucks which are used for competition should always use SFI approved clutches, that are dual, triple, or multi-disk. >It is important to realize that, when trucks are built up or modified for higher performance. or operated in access of the factory limits, a SFI competition or performance clutch is what you need and that the feel of that clutch is going to be different. Making the right choice for your truck can reduce these undesirable effects, however, in order for the clutch to hold and last some of these differences like the way a clutch slips, the way it sounds and the pedal pressure to disengage etc... are necessary in order to achieve the level of performance required,. This also will change in how a clutch feels or sounds and  may be necessary to make the clutch hold and last.