Dodge 5SP NV4500 '94-'04

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Heavy Duty Clutch Kits and 13 Inch Flywheel Conversion Clutch Kits

If you need replacement clutch parts only, to replace single parts from your existing South Bend Clutch Kit, those can be found here.

Heavy Duty Stock Clutch Kit replacements, Heavy Duty Single Disc Clutch Kits and Performance Street Dual Disc Clutch Kits for Ram Dodge Cummins Trucks! Competition Clutches- Double Disc Competition Clutches and Triple Disc Competition Clutches! 

About 13" Conversion Kits: The Dodge 5 Speed NV4500 has a stock 12" flywheel. South Bend Clutch Heavy Duty Clutch Upgrade Kits convert the stock 12" flywheel to a heavy duty 13" flywheel with upgraded clutch assembly for more strength and durability with superior holding power. IF you don't want to replace the 12" flywheel, South Bend Clutch has a stock Clutch Assembly Replacement Kit that works with the stock flywheel which must be resurfaced locally.All South Bend Clutch kits include an alignment tool.

Break in your new clutch with 500 miles of stop and go driving before you pull. Your pads will be leveled and burnished, enabling full surface area contact of the pads. Your new clutch will last longer and stay tighter if you avoid down shifting in the lower gears. remember, the brake pads are cheaper. South bend Clutch Kits are High Quality and Long Lastingsatisfaction-guaranteed-1.png 


 1994-04 NV4500   5 Speed Dodge