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Rev-X Oil Additive


Rev-X Oil Additive

When first added to any lubricating fluid, REV-X Performance Oil Additive will blend with the lubricating fluid to generate a smoother running unit within minutes. As the treated component (engine, transmission, differential or hydraulic system) runs through heat cycles the additive is absorbed into the pores of the work-hardened metal surface creating a polarized attraction until the lubricated surface has a film layer 4 times thicker and more than 2500 times denser than any lubricant can provide (standard or synthetic) without increasing the viscosity of the lubricating fluid.
As the treated lubricating fluid continues to flow across the work hardened surface the additive continuously replenishes itself, maintaining both depth and density regardless of temperature or load factors. When a reduction in friction and temperature occur within the treated component, an increase in efficiency is gained. This increase in efficiency promotes extended service life of all internally lubricated components as well as extending the drain intervals of the lubricating fluid.

  • Increased Efficiency and Engine Performance
  • Longer Drain Intervals
  • Reduction In Maintenance Costs and Heavy Repairs
  • Increased Cold Start Lubrication for Better Cold Temperature Starts
  • Reduced Underhood Temperatures
  • Greater longevity and miles per gallon
  • Protects against breakage and worn out metal parts
  • Great for noisey power steering pump problems
  • Great for sticky injector valves in 6.0Ls
  • Cleans fuel lines
  • Stabilizes low sulfur fuel and BIO additives up to 1½ years