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South Bend Clutches

South Bend Clutch Kits are heavy duty performance upgrade Single, Dual, and Triple Disc clutches for Chevy / GMC Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, and Dodge Cummins diesel pickup trucks. These clutches are ideal for towing, hauling, and street daily drivers. South Bend Clutches are made in the United States. Their quality is unsurpassed in workmanship, design and durability. South Bend also cryogenically freezes strategic parts of their high performance clutches to reconstitute the metal for superior strength and strength and durability. This process realigns the structure of the molecules so that they are perfectly aligned and have greater strength and integrity. We supply clutches ranging from stock replacements to competition triple disc Iron Giants capable of handling whatever you can throw at them. All of South Bend’s Clutches are made by Americans, for Americans. Put a clutch in your truck that wont slip, chatter, throw disc springs, wear the flywheel or burn up pilot bearings. It doesn’t get any better than this, and you wont find a better made clutch kit than a South Bend Clutch.

  • The South Bend Clutch Company is Dependable and Easy to Work With. 
  • With South Bend Clutches, You Get What You Pay For!
  • Nothing Like Any of the Chinese Knock-offs.
  • South Bend’s Original Patented Design.
  • Best Streetable Dual Disc Clutch on the Market.
  • Solid Mass Flywheels
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulics
  • From Competition Sled Pulls to Drag Racing to Daily Driving to Heavy Towing, South Bend has a Clutch for Every Application.