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Things you should Know when purchasing a clutch.

♦ Single disk clutches are a better choice at lower HP and lighter load capacity s.

Towing more than 12,000 lbs.?  Seriously think about looking into an SDD3250 Street Dual Disc Clutch.

A Solid  Mass Flywheel is needed for better performance in a heavier than stock clutch. It is simply the best choice and comes standard with all South Bend Clutches. Competition flywheels are cut and not cast. Always look for S.I.F.I. approved competition flywheels

♦ Rear Main Seal must always be replaced or inspected on every installation. It can be the root cause of other related issues, such as a worn throw- out bearing and pressure plate. 

♦ Gear Roll Over in a G56 Transmission, is a noise that is amplified by the use of a solid mass flywheel. It is most noticeable when the truck is dogging in 4th gear. Down shifting to a lower gear is helpful and gets the rpm up into the power band. A much better way to run your truck.

Friction Pads are primarily made with Organic, Feramic (iron), Kevlar and Ceramic Materials, with organic being the smoothest and ceramic being the most aggressive. They help to achieve different HP ratings, for different needs and styles of driving. 

Down Shifting should be avoided in the lower gears. Causes excessive wear and weakening of the structure. In the long run,replacing the breaks will be less expensive, 

♦ How do you know what transmission is in your vehicle? Reverse is over to the left and down. All G56 Transmissions have the aluminium bell housing, 2005.5 and up.

♦ How do I Break In a New Clutch? 500 miles of Stop and GO ,city type driving, before you pull a load.

♦ No Clutch is indestructible.