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*Ran yalls dual disk 3600 in my 07 dodge for right at 2 years. And I have nothing but great and amazing things to say about it! It took and handled way more abuse then any clutch should ever have to stand. I added a turbo and injectors and dynoed 896hp and 1756ft lbs of torque with yalls clutch rated for 750hp! It held up until I decided to hook to a sled with it one night lol and I still drove it for months after that until it finally let go! Awesome product is all I have to say!! Saving for a triple disk now!!!

Organic, Feramic, Ceramic, Kevlar, Dual Friction, Dual Disk, Triple Disk, S.F.I. Competition Approved.

Clutches for every need and working situation. The best made clutches on the market. Beware of foreign knock offs.

All South Bend Clutches for your diesel are American made. We stand behind them. They are great people With a  superior product.