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*I own a Dodge Ram Crew Cab Long Bed 3500 DRW 4x4 with a 5 speed manual and a 5.7 Hemi. I took the truck to a transmission shop due to bad bearings on third and fifth gear. In need of a clutch, I started searching the forums to find out which clutch manufacturer got great reviews. I typically take online reviews for what they’re worth (which isn’t much). I could’ve gone with an OEM replacement, but I wanted to find a high end clutch prior to settling for a factory replacement. I created a list of all the manufacturers that I learned about from the forums. I called every one of them, and South Bend was the only one that makes a heavy duty Kevlar composite clutch for my truck. It just so happens that everyone on the forums raved about the high quality products and excellent service provided by South Bend. I spoke with Dave. GREAT GUY!! He took time to answer all of my questions. He explained the differences between single disc and dual disc clutches. The reason South Bend doesn’t make a dual disc clutch for the Hemi is that the horsepower rating won’t exceed the design specifications of a single disc. He also said that the dual disc clutches increase shifting times. He advised me to replace the bolts that mount the flywheel to the clutch, and the bolts that mount the pressure plate to the flywheel. He suggested that I buy those bolts from the dealer. He also advised that I have the flywheel resurfaced. The cost of the Kevlar clutch kit was about only about $200 more than the OEM, and well worth the investment to me. I ordered the clutch kit and had it shipped directly to the transmission shop. Dave promised to have the clutch shipped in 24 – 48 hours. I received a tracking number 7 hours after ordering it! I just picked up my truck and drove it 20 miles. The clutch engagement and disengagement is so smooth that I have to relearn how to drive the truck. It I am absolutely ecstatic with the company and the clutch! If I ever need another clutch, I’m calling South Bend and asking for Dave. I STRONGLY recommend this company to anyone and everyone that needs a clutch for their vehicle.

Organic, Feramic, Ceramic, Kevlar, Dual Friction, Dual Disk, Triple Disk, S.F.I. Competition Approved.

Clutches for every need and working situation. The best made clutches on the market. Beware of foreign knock offs.

All South Bend Clutches for your diesel are American made. We stand behind them. They are great people With a  superior product.